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In order to keep our records of your administration, sessions, and health and social related notes etc. we need your explicit permission.

That means that you understand what information we are keeping and who we might share it with. Your keyworker will explain this to you and you can ask for more information regarding records at any time. Also, you need to have the following information explained to you:

  • The Data Controller at Second Chance is Pete Taylor.
  • We will keep your notes and details to enable us to manage your membership, it will be kept as long as you remain a member and for 7 years afterwards, then it will be deleted. The notes are locked in our administration cabinets or password protected on our computer systems.
  • Only ‘clinical’ staff can see your clinical notes, and business staff can only see your address and financial information.
  • We only share information with other health and welfare Organisations, DWP, and Social Services.
  • You can make a request to see your data by asking your Keyworker for a request form, and you can ask to have your data changed or deleted by asking for a Change form.
  • Permission to keep your data is derived either by you giving us your explicit permission on the Data Permissions Form, or by our considered assessment of a Legitimate Vital Interest pertaining to you Health, Wellbeing or Safety as set out on the Information Commissioners Office website.